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Commercial Snippet: Mexicaba

Commercials and Corporate videos

We love to shoot brand identification videos. Our goal is to help companies increase brand awareness through videos which ultimately increases product sales. ChevyShotIt’s storytelling abilities sell the product without words being said. We strive to create new innovative trendy videos that grab the attention of all audiences.

Weddings and Events

The most rewarding aspect of shooting a wedding is when clients say they can relive that day through your images. When meeting a new couple, We swear our hearts skip a beat every time. Another day for a new story, new personalities, and new love! To make your wedding films or photographs stand out it’s really important that we understand each other from the very start. ChevyShotIt will turn your wedding video into your favorite movie.

Wedding snippet
Music video snippet: Twindem

Music videos

Creating art and telling stories through music and visuals is a wonderful combination. What we love most about music videos is that on set you never know what to expect. The key for a good music video is to stand out from the pack.

About ChevyShotIt

ChevyShotIt Owner, Shavron Rolle

My name is Shavron Rolle but I always go by Chevy. I am a videographer based in the Bahamas; videography is my passion.I graduated from The University of the Bahamas with a Bachelor of Arts in media journalism. I love videography because it gives me a chance to create art and also story-tell.

 Nothing makes me more excited than capturing life’s raw moments on video. I am passionate about creating high quality work for any moment a client would need. I challenge myself to make the shots have that epic feel – my challenge to you is to just to enjoy the process – no matter the shoot. Since July 2018 I decided to go full time into freelance videography and been doing what I love ever since. 

We have established a set of core values to ensure we go the extra mile in fulfilling client objectives. We believe that creativity can solve seemingly insurmountable problems. My company never settle for the quickest or easiest solutions. Rather, we focus our creative energies on developing a customised plan to resolve your unique challenges and issues.ChevyShotIt is a company that the word “comfort zone” doesn’t exist.

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We love working with people no matter their background, expertise or vision. We are committed to understanding who you are and aligning your vision to your work. Interested in getting in touch with us? Contact us!.